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Bummed at the moment because i have 2 essays due next week and a major project 3 weeks later. As of next Monday the kiddies are on 2 weeks holiday so i have been glued to my books and computer doing nothing but solid uni :( Plus we've have mostly nice weather and i want to get out and look at everything! And do a little shopping, i really didn't pack much in the way of clothes since 2 pairs of boots i never wore in Perth took up a lot of space.

On Sunday we did get out, all to Lyon, about 1hr 20mins drive. There's an amazing art market along the river each Sunday with a huge extremely diverse range of canvas paintings plus sculptures, and more of a craft/jewellery market following. I've spied a vase i'm going to get next time we go which apparently is fairly regularly. Didn't see anymore of Lyon except from the car. After the market we had to have lunch with Frederic's parents - not enjoyable but a duty. Neither Frederic nor Nadine get on with them but for the kids sake they do a visit every couple of months.

The week with the kids has been up and down, i just never know what to expect each morning. Antonin has been mostly... let's say 'grumpy' and disrespectful, difficult to get even a goodbye or hello out of him each day before and after school (plus the usual 'No' and 'I don't like it' which seem to make up 90% of what he does say). I can see he is the same with Nadine and Frederic and his Grandparents too so i'm trying not to take it personally. Then yesterday he was actually very pleasant! I dare even say happy. And he asked before changing the radio station in the car, even with a 'please' without being prompted. Shocked.

But it was Amarine's turn to be stubborn and difficult. (As Nadine had warned often when one misbehaves the other is good). Yesterday morning with a forcast of cloudy and max 14 degrees for the she insisted on wearing a mini-skirt to school. As if.
Frederic happened to not have left for work so he took to the situation, and she was really making us both work - he physically had to dress her in pants. Which she took off not 5 minutes later as i walked in to hurry her up.

So yesterday was an improvement. Then today after lunch and half helping load the dishwasher he decided he'd done enough and a yelling match ensued between us to make him finish. It would have been easier for me to just do it but i'm determined to stick to my guns so they realise what i say goes, and eventually with me simply seating myself across from him at the table and placing the cutlery in front of him he got up after a minute and loaded it. So i guess i'm learning patience and perseverence, not to mention building a thick skin!

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